City Active

Our City Active software acts as a home to provide your communities with a central hub to discover activities and inspire healthy living within your city.

The Aim of This Product 

As urban areas rapidly expand, interest surrounding non-communicable diseases (NCDs) due to inactivity is at a record high. From young children to senior citizens a trend of inactivity and a lack of doorstep solutions has led to a growing set of issues that are now a worldwide concern.

It’s our goal to support the modern city by implementing a technical solution and help them build towards a healthier city with more active communities.


More Active in 5 Years


Reduction in NCD's

Why Our Technology 

City Active was founded on the belief that technology can have a major role to play in the promotion of an active life. Our new city active platform is designed to be a powerful, all encompassing framework to allow modern cities to promote and manage a city wide active solution, accessible to all its residents.

The software will act as a home to provide your communities with a simple to use central hub to discover activities and inspire involvement within your city.

Building a Path to an Active World

This product is built to satisfy all requirements for managing your active offering. 
Below is a breakdown of a few of the product features.

Management & Booking

A complete software package for leisure management, bookings and payments.

Custom Content

Our backend CMS is set up as a simple to use template builder that give you great functionality for whatever content you are trying to create. No developer skills required!

Discovery Website

A home for your users to discover sports and activities plus a range of other features.

Custom Content

Our backend CMS is set up as a simple to use template builder that give you great functionality for whatever content you are trying to create. No developer skills required!

Bookings & Payments

Our fully automated booking system will allow you to redirect resources where they are really needed. 

Facility & Session Search

Our activity finder gives your residents the ability to find local sessions or sports facilities in just a couple of clicks.

Manage Facility Admin

This backend also serves as a hub to manage your administration infrastructure such as facility or session operators

Custom Set Up

Our developers will build the initial platform and set up to make it simple for you to get running instantly.


We have created a range of templates (from news to events) to help make it easy for you to build the custom content you require.

Local Events

This events web template will allow you to engage users in an alternative why by posting local or city wide events for your users.

Community Links

Help existing infrastructure by linking to their information or website.

News and Articles

Keep your users up to date with the latest news that is relevant to you and your business. Post relevant articles to further engage your users and create links directly to acitivties and sports.

Insights & Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your active offering through well presented realtime data.


Let the data help you make informed decisions when building an infrastructure for your active city.

Data and Reporting

We can also set up custom reports to help you break down the relevant data that you need.

Marketing Insights


Financial Reports

Download reports on all financial transactions to find the value in the services you offer.

Explore Further

Take a visual tour of the City Active platform

Actively Engage with Your Community

This product is the central home that ties together our platform. One place to engage and inspire local residents who are looking for options or advice on becoming more active. 

Local Facilities & Sessions

A key feature of this website is our session and facility finders. These two pages are design to  instantly display to visitors where they can find activities or facilities local to them.
From there they can more forward to learn more about the active offering and book. All bookings can be retrieved when they sign up to their own dashboard.

Managed by a CMS

The discover platform is supported by a system manage all additional web content, from news and events to articles on lifestyle. The owners of the platform will have total control here to build an active home unique to their city. 


"The only product of the market that offers this complete range of features integrated together."

– Chris Jenkins, Customer

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