Reach Pro

For Fitness Professionals: Managing your customers and bookings has never been simpler, leaving you to focus on the training. 

Easier to Use 

We have developed a system that is so simple to you that no advance training is required. Once access if set up you can instantly start adding slots for your customers to book.

All the features are self explanatory and allow any shape or size of operator to start managing there active offering at a competitive level.

Better Insights

We know how important it is for our customers to see a clear view of what is going on day to day within their business.
Our analytics dashboard makes it really easy to understand key information about your operations such as revenue, utilisation levels and payment status.


Our platform allows you to make quick bookings from telephone and walk in customers. Online bookings are made simple and are available through our Discover service which you learn more about below.

A Solution to Bring Your Activities Online

Reach is a platform which makes it easy to manage your offering, take online payments
and reach more customers. Below are some key features, please get in touch to find out more.


Initial Set Up

Our set up is a step by step system that require no previous knowledge or skill to use. You can have online listings in a matter of minutes.

Booking System

Our product gives you flexibility to create, edit or cancel bookings. All booking slots can be created and edited in seconds giving you total control over your listings. 


We have out of the box tools to help you connect with your customers and encourage them back to booking with you.


No need to manage your customers, our database will keep everything organised for you.

Data Analytics

We provide analytics that can help you shape the day to day running of your business. Instantly see you busiest times or when you need more support!


Connect your stripe account and recive instant payments from your customers directly into you pocket.

Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model


"This is the product we have been looking for! One solution to manage our leisure operation for our whole business."

– Jenny Morrison, Customer

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