Help & Guidance

This page will help you get set up with Played Reach products and guide you if you run into any issues. If you can’t find what you are looking for please get in touch.

Welcome to Played

Below is a guide to getting started with our booking and marketing platform. If you have any questions or problems please head to help, inside the account section of the product and submit a query.

1. Create your Venue

Add all the location information so your customers will know where you are and what to expect. If you have multiple venues please add them all in here so you can attached the right facilities or sessions to the correct location.

Step 1

From the Getting started screen click the ‘Create your Venue’ button or select ‘Set Up Manager’ In the blue sidebar to the left of the screen.

Step 2

Then select add new venue to right off the screen.

Step 3

Full out all the information you can in all three sections. The more detailed information the better the sales conversion normally is, but don’t worry not all the information will apply to you.

Step 4

Click Save. That’s it, your venue is set up. Now its time to add a sports facility or a session to your venue/location.

2. Set up your Facility or Sessions

After a venue has been created you can add a sport, courts/pitches, details and pricing. Then set up a schedule which will then allow customers to book. The same can also be done for sessions.

Step 1

Select the edit/set up button next to the appropriate venue.

Step 2

Select I you are a facility owner or providing a session. 
For example a facility would be a tennis court or football pitch, where an individual hire it for a certain amount of time. 
A session is a class or lesson where multiple people (or individuals) book onto, such a fitness class or coaching session, where the facility is not hire out.

Step 3

Click Add new Sport or Add new Sessions and follow the instructions to fill out all the details.

Step 4

Add a schedule.

3. Connect your Payment Service

After you have created a schedule your ready to get paid by customers. Head to payments and set up your Stripe account (or sign in if you have one already). This will allow customers to pay your directly through our platform.

4. Update your Account Preferences (optional)

We have laid out a basic set of rules to help you manage your service. Select your preferred preferences or leave them with at our suggestions.

5. Invite your Team Members (optional)

Are multiple people managing your service? Add your team here. They will be able to sign up, manage bookings but not access any sensitive information.

6. Go Live

You are now ready to start selling. You can turn your listings page on and off from public view and use our marketing tools to help promote your page.

General Information

Below is a section containing a basic screen by screen breakdown.

App Navigation

Our platform has been design in easy to use sections built for different features.

In the top right corner you will find your name which once clicked displayed a small admin menu giving you access to:

> Account Settings (including payment settings and getting started)
> Listings Page (a link to what your customers see)
> Help & Guidance (these docs)
> Log Out (leave the product)

On the left hand side of the screen you have your main navigation bar and various product features.

Booking Calendar

Once set up this is where you will spend most of your time. Here you will see the full booking schedule you have created for each individual venue. You will be able to see all upcoming bookings and have access to all the important booking information as well as the ability to take payments, edit and cancel bookings.

Visible to the account owner only. Our dashboard is a visual breakdown of all the vital information that will help your gain a better understanding of your service. Instantly see key data that will help inform day to day decisions and plan for the future growth of your business.


Visible to the account owner only. This screen provides a simple view of all your transactional informations. Here you can see a breakdown of each payment as they happen. You can offer refunds and download al the data to a spreadsheet to help you with your accounts.

All the information you require to correspond with your customers is contained here. You can search fo individuals or create a mass mailing list to make email marketing simple.

A selection of key downloadable spreadsheet (csv) reports to help your gain an overview of all the key data thats contained within your service.

Add on Apps

Here we have curated tools to help you expand your marketing outreach and in house organisation. Once activated you can use these add on products to help you grow your customer base with social media or manage day to day business functions.


This tool helps you create promotions inside the Played app. Follow the guide to build one off incentives for your customers.

Open Data

Our system has been build to OpenActive data standards (UK). This means, if you choose you active offering will can be published across multiple platforms increasing your chance of a sale ten fold.

Need more help?

Please get in touch via the help page inside the Played app. If you have general questions or would like to discuss your business please use the contact link below.