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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Played have a free package?

Our Professional package is free for free to access facilities and activities, we only charge you each time someone makes an online payment. Organisations with free offerings still get access to everything available in our Professional package.  

How do I pay my fee’s?

When using Played’s payment processing, you have the option to either “absorb” your fees and pay them out of your booking revenue, or pass them along to your customers. The majority of organisations who pass fees to their customers pay nothing out of pocket to use Played.

Are you OpenActive compliant?

Our products are all built to the highest and latest OpenActive specifications. Our software is one of the first to implement the booking specification meaning that your offering can be booked through the most popular third party sites and applications.

Does it require training to use your software?

Our software is designed to be used by anyone even if their knowledge of computing is small. We have user tested all of our products to ensure that they are simple and easy to use. If you do have any issues a member of our team is always available to lend a hand.

What product customsation do you offer?

Our core suite of products can be customised to different levels to suit your needs. From the branding to custom forms we can build the platform to your required specification. Please get in touch and we can start designing the perfect product for you.

Can i change my package?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time depending on the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss any changes required.